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Renaming files with File Grinder is really easy.

Let's say you've got a buch of MP3 files with not so nice names, and you would like to rename them based on Id3 tag information and sort them to <Artist Name>\<Year> - <Album name> folders hierarchy.


1. Add the files to the File Grinder using "Add Files", "Add Folder" (1) buttons, or just Drag and Drop them on the file list.

2. Specify the new file name template (2) (in this case we are specifying sub-folders also), you can also use the Template Editor.

2. Choose how to process the files, i.e. move, copy or rename (3).

3. Choose the destination folder (if applicable) (4), and how to treat the existing files (5).

4. When done, click the "Process files" (6) button, the following dialog will popup to overview the processing settings.
This is the last chance to cancel, if everything is fine click "Continue" to start the file processing.


5. That's it! After the processing is finished we will have nicely sorted and renamed files in the destination folder.

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