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Command line

Usage: grinder_console.exe options

Where options are:

Short alias Long alias Description
-t --template=VALUE File name template
-m --mode=VALUE File process mode, allowed values: move, copy and rename (default=copy)
-i --input=VALUE Input directory, if not specified current directory will be used
-o --output=VALUE Output directory, must be specified when copying or moving files
-r --recurse Recurse into sub-folders
-f --filter=VALUE File filter (default is "*")
-w --overwrite Overwrite existing files
--counter-start=VALUE Start counter at (must be integer)
--counter-step=VALUE Counter step (must be integer)
-s --simulate Simulation mode. Does not process files
-l --silent Do not show overview and do not ask questions
-h, -? --help Show this help message

Example 1 - rename all fb2 files in current directory with template [title]

grinder_console.exe -t="[title]" -m=rename -f=*.fb2

Example 2 - copy all fb2 files from current directory to c:\temp directory, with template [title] (simulate, no actual processing is done)

grinder_console.exe -t="[title]" -m=copy -f=*.fb2 -o="c:\temp" -s

Example 3 - move all files from folder c:\temp\source to c:\temp\dest, renaming the files on counter basis, starting at 100 with step 10:

grinder_console.exe -s -t="[###]" -m=move -i=c:\temp\source -o=c:\temp\dest -counter-start=100 -counter-step=10

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